Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Steal of a Deal!!

I don't know one lady that does not love Jeffrey Campbell! Well yesterday I lucked up and got me a pair for only $87 bucks!!! I visited a local boutique in Memphis Strut. They don't have plus size but I hear they have cute shoes and handbags, so I decided to make a stop. I picked a good day, because I love my new shoes. They associate told me that those shoes were designed particularly for their store by Jeffrey Campbell himself. I don't how true it is, but I can say that I have not seen those shoes on his site, or at any other retailers that sell his shoes. I love the idea of having exclusivity, so works for me. However, if not I don't care I just LOVE THE SHOES!!!
I can't wait to wear these. It's still spring so I can slip them in real quick. I am thinking of wearing them with a pair or tribal print or aztec print leggins and a vintage denim vest.


  1. wow that's a GREAT find for an even greater price!

  2. Love the shoes, Im so scared of people too tall :(
    I hate my silly little fear...
    lOVE YOUR BLOG! I wish I could find some good sales but up here in California, thats a no go...LOL!
    New follower! Love the fashion!