Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tips for Plus Size Model Castings

Dean of Fashion is having a plus size model call this weekend in search of Dean's Diamonds. Dean's Diamonds is a plus size modeling group here in Memphis, TN that participates in fashion shows, print, and promotional jobs throughout the mid-south!

Here are some tips for you Fever's that are interested in becoming a plus size model and attending castings.

1. Show up with a positive attitude and NEVER complain to the designer about what you are chosen to wear.

2. Be sure to show up well groomed. Nails, hair, and clothing should all be clean.

3. Please be sure to wear supporting under-garments.

4. Have a recent portfolio available for the designer to keep.

5. Don't over shadow your natural beauty with heavy make-up and big hair.

6. Keep your wardrobe simple, tank tops and jeans are ideal.

7. Do not wear a lot of jewelry.

8. ALWAYS BRING A PAIR OF HEELS of at least 3 inches! NO WEDGES!!!


  1. Miss Dean of Fashion,
    My name is Ashley and I'm a 27 year old full figured woman from Murfreesboro who would love nothing more than to partake in a fashio show to see if I have what it takes to be a plus size model! Do you know if there are any places that are having openings that I could sign up for? I have never done this before but would love to give it a hot for all the thick woman out there! Please call me or send me a text at 615-603-9181! Thank you so much and I hope I can get the help I'm looking for to pursue my dream! ~*Ashley Cobo*~

  2. Hello Miss Dean of Fashion,
    My name is KaTrina and I'm 32 years old and full figured. I'm from Little Rock, AR. I would love to do modeling for plus size that is my goal. I have high self esteem about myself and I love to take pictures. Please tell me how I can started as being a plus size model and where I can go to do cast calls if none is here in Little Rock. You can email me at Thank you so much. Hope to hear from you. KaTrina Webb

  3. Hello Hello And Did I Say Hello My Name Is Tiffany Perry Born And Raised In Memphis TN I Love Modeling Love Being Beautiful And Full Figured Love Walking In Wedges Shoes Never Been Taught To Walk In Heels But If It Takes Me To Get A Diva To Train Me In Heels But I Hope Someone Would Be Willing To Give Me A Chance My Facebook Name Is Tiffany Perry Short May GOD Bless And Touch The Minds And The Hearts

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